About Us

Denise and Jenn have known each other for years, attended the same high school, and live in the same small town. Denise graduated with Jenn’s older brother, but they didn’t meet until they were in a mutual friend’s wedding.  After years of working in separate areas of the medical field, fate brought them back together, and they worked together in an orthopedic office. After happily making cupcakes for free, and testing recipes on coworkers, it was decided that they should turn their hobby into something more.

We create gourmet cupcakes made to order, offering a variety of flavors for you to enjoy. We strive to make delicious cupcakes that you won’t soon forget. We love coming up with new recipes and hope that you find as much joy from eating them as we do from baking them.

There’s always just something about cupcakes that makes your day a little brighter.